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The “Maison Vinette”

Up at the top of the street Haute Vaulx stands a small house. It is one of the oldest houses in Malmedy, probably built after the great fire of 1689. Jean Vinette – a poor carpenter – purchased it in 1781.

The Maison Vinette is now the smallest museum in the world with a particular twist to it: You can only visit it from the outside.

Looking in from the street through a window, one can make out a bedroom with a period décor of that time where the seriously ill, young Miss Marie-Thérèse Vinette lies.

This scene recalls an event in Malmedy on January 16, 1797. Following the refusal of the French revolutionary occupiers to let patients have their last rites performed, a group of people spontaneously organized a procession, thus shielding the vicar and defying the police and soldiers. The group arrived at the Maison Vinette and the young girl was able to receive the last rites before dying eventually on April 15.