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The Carillon

Of all the craftsmen who have lived in Malmedy, Martin Legros (1714-1789) is a figure that is incontestably among those whose reputation has spread far beyond our borders. It is thanks to him that we have 35 chiming bells in the Carillon.

Following a fire that destroyed the old musical instrument, 35 new bells were cast between 1781 and 1783. In 1952, five other small bells were added in order to increase the extent of the manual keyboard.

In 1786, the construction of the chiming mechanism and the clock movement was entrusted to G.J. Lejoncque who came from Verviers. All the parts were forged by hand and crimped cold, because in those days welding had not been invented. All the more, such a work of precision can only demand complete admiration.

For many years now, when they are rung, the chimes of the Carillon give the people of Malmedy their rhythm of life. It remains an exceptional musical instrument and is one of the “hidden” jewels of this town.