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The Cathedral Bells

The bell-tower of the Cathedral contains 4 large bells that are used to call the faithful to church services.

Only one of them dates back to the 18th Century. It is dedicated to Saint Donatus and was cast by Martin Legros in 1782. The diameter of the base is 108 cm. The bell weighs 900 kg and sounds the note “G.”

The three other bells date from the 20th Century. Indeed, during the Second World War, the original bells were removed by the Germans and taken to Kall in the Eifel (Germany) and were probably melted down there. In any case, they have never come to light since.

By counting the weight of the bells (6,550 kg), the counterweights and the large frame that supports the unit, the Eastern bell-tower in the Cathedral supports nearly 15 tons overall.

Since 1962, to actuate the bells, the previously manually operated system was changed over to an electric system.