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The “Maison Villers”

The inscription “1724” on the pediment over the entrance door could indicate the year of the completion of this house. According to documents written by various authors, the “Maison Villers” (Villers house) is said to have been built between 1714 and 1724 by the architect Laurenz Mefferdatis from Aachen.

With certainty we know, however, that the house was built on the initiative of Quirin Joseph Dester, adviser to the Chief Abbot. He sold the building to Hubert Cavens, a former mayor of the town, who gave it to his daughter Anne Elizabeth as a gift. In 1779, she married Nicolas Mostert from Eupen. As if by miracle it was spared from the bombing raids in 1944. Afterwards, the house belonged to the married couple Villers-Mostert, and then later to Miss Simone Villers, before it became the property of the town authorities of Malmedy in 1998.