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2.5 km from Malmedy, upstream on the Warche, is the attractive village of Bévercé. Nestling discretely into the heart of the village is the small local chapel with its origins going back to 1723. It is dedicated to Saint Antonius, a monk and anchorite. In its tower is a remarkable bell made by Gotfrid Winckelmeyer de Cöllen.

Passing through this village, one reaches a hermitage that was established in 1446 and has been inhabited since then without interruption. Since 1979, the spot has been protected as a national monument and provides a very suitable place to pause and meditate for while. Even nowadays, churchgoers visit here to receive Holy Communion.

Bevercé has a total of 318 inhabitants. Besides some calm and picturesque residential areas (one of which bears the pretty name of “Petite Suisse”) the village has also a tourist industry and numerous guests visit here throughout the year. There are 4 hotels, a holiday center, one youth hostel and 2 camping sites.

In the “Hostellerie de la Chapelle” one can still admire the windows that once belonged to the old church of Xhoffraix. On the farm “Ferme Libert,” there is a playground and a game park, equally interesting for young and older visitors alike. The more courageous can go to the lookout point, which is situated at the foot of the water tower and offers breathtaking views over the valley. Besides a biotope for the visitors to study the local ecological habitat, the youth hostel also has an adventure park and a playground.

Sporty people can also find a lot to do in Bévercé, because from here many activities can be undertaken, ranging from walks to mountain bike tours, VITA Parcours (fitness trails), a public open-air swimming pool through to fishing in the ponds of the camping site: There is something for everyone.

If one continues on from Bévercé, on the road called “Trôs Marêts,” you snake along a zigzag road that brings you through forests, past brooks and small waterfalls and up to the high plateau of the fens. There you soon reach Baraque Michel and a little later on the town of Eupen, eventually arriving in Germany at Aachen.
Although Bévercé is particularly oriented towards tourism, the village harbors the “Carrières de la Warche” (the Warche Quarries) - a company with a national and international reputation. Here they quarry for a specific type of sandstone. This sandstone is very rich in quartzite and this gives it good technical properties. Its special texture affords a remarkable variety of forms, allowing the production of hardcore, quoins and cornerstones, door and window lintels, doorsteps and also wall coverings. Besides many other buildings, e.g. the castle Reinhardstein was built using such stone.