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Chôdes - G'Doûmont - Boussire

These three small villages, whose houses are scattered over the hills and crests along the road leading from Malmedy to Robertville, offer splendid panoramic views blending from valleys into hills and hills into valleys. From here one can just make out Baugnez, Géromont and the roads running out towards Xhoffraix, Longfaye, Stavelot and beyond.

From the Chôdes chapel there are some splendid walks, of which three are signposted, and these will carry you out through fields and woods, up onto the heights or down through the valleys with their occasional steep escarpments along the sides of the Warche or the Warchenne.

On the hillside spur in the direction of Malmedy is a holiday village, developed in the middle of the 1970s. Besides that, you will also find, strewn through the three villages, about a dozen inviting holiday homes.

Agriculture always constituted the main activity in the area, but this has reduced today to be carried out by fewer farms that have also become more important because of this.

An arcose stone quarry is being worked on the rise where Boussire is. Many old or more recent house frontages are ample proof of how much intense activity is going on here in this respect.

The small chapel in Chôdes, dedicated to Saint-Quirin, was built in 1816 and renovated in 1932. Sitting in a position on a hillock alongside the main road, it is visible from any direction. A little further on down the road to Robertville and opposite the school is an old farm built in the 18th Century.

The population of the 3 villages has been constantly increasing for 20 years or so now. Their homes are gathered around the chapel, the school and the village hall, the latter now being equipped with a very recently opened playground and sports field.