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Géromont - Arimont - Baugnez

All of these three villages lie on the road that leads continually uphill from Malmedy to the neighboring municipality of Waimes. Here you can see some particularly pretty houses, dotted here and there over the meadows that actually constitute the main part of the landscape in this corner of Malmedy. Wherever you are, you will be able to enjoy beautiful views, interrupted only by hedges or tall trees. You probably will also get the feeling of peace that numerous tourists so value when they are guests in one of the characteristic lodgings, guesthouses or B & Bs that have already been established in this beautiful neighborhood. Situated a little lower down the hill, in a hotel or a holiday village in the wooded Warche valley, there is an area where you can enjoy various leisure activities. A camping site rounds off the various offers available to the tourists.

But the important role that tourism plays here does not prevent the region from considerable economic growth in other areas, be it from the Baugnez industrial estates area or from the “Carrière de la Warchenne” - the Warchenne quarries. This company quarries sandstone and arcose sandstone for use in all imaginable forms, ranging from stone building blocks to curbstones for concrete paths through to items for garden decoration. The work is completed here still manually by stonemasons.

Some other places are worth mentioning:
  • the small chapel “Saint Henri” in Géromont,
  • a playground and a leisure park in Arimont that has received the support of the “Fondation Roi Baudouin” (King Baudouin Foundation),
  • alpine skiing and cross-country skiing runs in Baugnez.

Unfortunately the name Baugnez is also closely linked with a war crime that occurred here on December 17, 1944. A group of 84 GI prisoners of war was murdered in a field near the crossroads where today there is a monument dedicated to them – the “Memorial Américain de Baugnez“ (American memorial monument at Baugnez). At the end of 2007, not far away from the place of the massacre, a new museum has opened its gates: The “Baugnez 44 Historical Center“ goes into the sad events of that time and puts it in historical order with the broader picture of the Ardennes offensive at the end of 1944. The museum tells the history of the Battle of the Bulge using an astonishing realistic layout covering 850 m². The museum is open all year round and is also accessible for disabled people and wheelchair users. In addition there is a café and restaurant adjacent.