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Ligneuville - Pont - Bellevaux

Ligneuville is a place where you can breathe real fresh air. It lies at the bottom of the valley of the river Amblève surrounded by green pastures below the wooded slopes of the hills. Together with the villages of Pont and Bellevaux this rustic communal paradise has 1273 inhabitants.

The Amblève winds its way along with bubbling waters, snaking through fields of flowers. Who could resist the charms of nature confronted with such an inviting backdrop? The name Ligneuville is also famous for its trout farms from which the village earned its nickname of ‘The Trout’s Capital,’ conferred to it in 1984.

In the local cemetery you can find the grave of a certain “Monsieur Hawarden” alias Mériora Gillibrand. Who, then, was this mysterious personage? You’ll find it interesting to find out about this person with a double name. Even a movie has been made about his/her life.

The local church dates from 1910, but it was restored after the Second World War.

In Pont, in the shade of large trees, you will find the Chapel to St. Donat. This chapel was built in 1752 and today is part of the local national heritage as a listed building. Besides this, the village houses the “Maison Micha”, a fish farm and in a beautiful park not far from Rechterbach steam, the grotto of the Holy Virgin Mary.

Nestled in a valley is the charming village of Bellevaux with its picturesque hamlets. Its name (Belva) was given for a perfectly good reason as it means ‘beautiful valley.’ The church in Bellevaux is consecrated to Saint Aubin and the listed building carries the inscription “Anno 1435.” There is a further heritage listed building in the neighborhood called “Maison Maraite.” It dates back to 1592. One can also still see the old Bellevaux mill. It has been standing since 1387 but not working since 1963. The greenhouses and flower gardens merit a visit as well as the brewery recently opened in the village. On the other hand, lovers of climbing can strap on their crampons and try out the Warche cliffs.

In all three of these spots, you can go fishing in the river or in a pond.
The cultural life and folklore traditions are well represented here thanks to some very active clubs and associations.
Any tourist who is keen to fill his lungs with fresh air and feel a touch of nature will find it all here. In order to recognize it, one only has to keep the eyes a little open and look about: Wild countryside and simple beauty is all around. The breathtaking sunsets behind the hills will sell it to you forever.