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Malmedy is a francophone town and is located in the province of Liege. It forms one of the 262 communes in Wallonia.

It is one of the communes in Belgium that has a legalized rule to ease the problems of its language minority: 5% of its citizens are German-speaking. The town also belongs to the Eastern cantons, i.e. those that were united with Belgium in 1925, just like 11 other Belgian communes.

Since 1977, the former independent communes of Bellevaux-Ligneuville and Bévercé now also belong to Malmedy. To date, there are about 12.000 inhabitants living in an area of more than 100 km².

The principal attraction of the commune is certainly related to its natural environment. Located in a green and wooded countryside, the town offers its inhabitants as well as its visitors a quality of life typical for a small town, but also has an efficient infrastructure regarding community services (a central administrative center, health care services, recreational centers etc.) and comprehensive educational facilities.
In addition to various small and medium sized enterprises established in the industrial zone that borders the town, the local economy is supported by firms for the production of paper and the numerous different trades related to the construction industry. Agriculture and dairy produce represent also a large part of the economy. The HORECA sector – hotels, restaurants and catering, with its well-developed tourist and sporting infrastructures – can be seen everywhere in the region and represents one of the major assets for the town.

By virtue of its geographical location, Malmedy forms the central focus for its neighboring communes. Its multi-faceted businesses show real dynamism and this is well supported by a strong community life.