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Nature - Geography

Situated at a height of 340 meters, on the border to the plateau of the “Hautes-Fagnes” (High Fens), Malmedy nestles harmoniously into a hollow in the Warche valley.

The numerous small rivulets that wind their way through the fields or tumble down cascading from the rocks are the main feature of the region’s landscape. Visitors are continually being surprised to see such charming scenery as they roam through the countryside. The unusual local flora and fauna will inspire nature friends and experts alike.

Nature is certainly the biggest treasure that can be discovered in the region, and on top of that it is the most beautiful and richest one will see. The woods, meadows and rivers are still, to a large extent, free from contamination. Peace and serenity abound here and offer the visitor a welcome respite from the stresses and strains that otherwise govern our everyday lives.

The tourist will find numerous routes for walks, and bike rides are signposted for them to follow. A few of these routes can be found under the title “Walks” on these website pages where they are also described. Besides this, local nature clubs regularly organize guided walking tours through the fens and the surrounding region. Similarly, you can find more about these by looking at the “Calendar” section in the website. Additionally, it is also possible to discover all the beauty of the countryside from the saddle of a horse or on a kayak trip down some of the rivers.

Malmedy is also the gateway to the “Hautes-Fagnes” plateau that stretches out far and wide with its austere landscape unique in Belgium. Each season of the year presents the “Hautes-Fagnes” in a completely different picture: barren and dry in summer, like a fairytale hidden under a cloak of snow in the winter, or full of mystery in the fog of the late autumn. The “Hautes-Fagnes” gives us a truly legendary landscape and an incomparable nature reserve that the visitor should treat with ample respect and plenty of care.