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“La Hayes des rwas” - The Feast of Epiphany

The richly appointed annual calendar of folklore events of the town of Malmedy kicks off on January 6 with the celebration of the feast of Epiphany, a custom that is reserved completely for the children.

The New Year’s wishes have hardly been uttered when the children start going round from house to house in order to celebrate the three kings. The individual groups sing a song at the doors and demand a “lôtire” for their efforts, in other words a small sweetmeat.

They sing in Walloon and say that the kings have sent them. They insist that they do not want to beg at all, but nevertheless they still ask for waffles or cakes.
When they finally get what they are asking for, they then sing a traditional thank-you verse: “To all the decent people, who have rewarded us so richly: wherever we roam we will speak well of you, and we will call out to you, ‘See you again in a year’.”