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Greetings, you splendid mask !

These are words we could certainly hear more of!

Whether they are assigned a "minor role" or they are traditional, the Carnavalisants (carnival figures), as people like to call them in Malmedy, will only keep the crowds happy if they make themselves recognisable or wear the mask, the wolf or balaclava.

The entire entertainment hinges on getting the "victim" who has been chosen to take part in the festivities to guess who on earth could be hidden behind the disguise.

That is the whole point of the carnival performance! And the people wearing masks will have more enjoyment and tend to be a lot bolder when remaining anonymous.

They will also have fun feigning a drawling falsetto, the voice of a haguète (a traditional carnival figure), greeting the passers-by with:

- Hallooo dearieee!
And the person hailed in this fashion will invariably answer:
- Greetings, you splendid mask! wondering who on earth this personage could possibly be...

The Malmedy carnival will continue to be a hugely cheerful occasion if this custom for which it has gained its reputation is understood and upheld.

Fré Loûrson